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1. Zarkana2

769    49 

Zarkana2 este cel mai bun server clasic de Metin2 PVM HARD. Intra acum si creeaza-ti propria legenda pe Zarkana2!


2. Rodnia.to

241    25 

Fame Server is the new chapter of rodnia.to, this new chapter will be full of possibilities, changes, and new things. It will be opened on 03.02.2023. From that day forward you can become Heroes in your own right!


3. BrilliantsMetin2

93    9 

Server pvm easy all rates 500 %, offline shop, multi languange, system pet, system costum,info drop system !


4. Ancient2

0    5 

Ancient2 is a pvm hard oldschool server, combined with some unique features, a lot of missions and a very balanced gameplay. Available in 11 languages, vote4coins, max level 99, join now!


5. FFE2 -PVP UltraFun

0    13 

Un server plin de aventura, cu nivel maxim 255, un staff capabil si bine pregatit, Transmutare, Barbut, TopDamage, Evenimente zilnice, Event PvP, Event OX.. +multe altele!


6. ~ SEISHIN ~

0    6