1. Zarkana2

797    99 

S-a dat primul restart in cei 7 ani! O noua versiune, pvm hard, nivel maxim 105, cu curele, fara lycan, fara alchimie, fara esarfe, fara sistem de energie, fara inele/ acadele/ amuleta/ oasele zeului dragon. Server-ul este indreptat foarte mult spre farm. Nu este conceput in jurul itemshop-ului.


2. Asatru Online

642    39 

Asatru | Only CH | Start Cap 60 [Upgrade 70-100] | Low Rates | Experience Labor | Server Information :

Silkroad Online        


375    48 

The start on Rodnia is very user-friendly because, apart from the already bonused equipment and some other gear, your receive a Beginner Battlepass!


4. Ancient2

354    46 

Ancient2 is a pvm hard oldschool server, combined with some unique features, a lot of missions and a very balanced gameplay. Available in 11 languages, vote4coins, max level 99, join now!


5. Undergrownd2 - PvM

327    45 

Metin2 UG este un server PvM Easy cu nivel maxim 137 deschis din 2017. Incepatorii primesc CUFAR FULL PVM + 2000 Monede dragon pentru a achizitiona iteme de pe Item-Shop + arme de 30 si 75 full bonusate free de pe item shop. Md-uri si Jd-uri pe joc. Sisteme moderne si unice. Gameplay placut.


6. BrilliantsMetin2

123    29 

Server pvm easy all rates 500 %, offline shop, multi languange, system pet, system costum,info drop system !


7. Warrior-WoW

118    72 

255 Level Cap] [Tier 1 to Tier 28] [1v1 Arena] [900000+ Custom Items] [Amazing Custom and scripted Instances] [SOLO CONTENT] [Working BG and Arena] [Custom Mall] [Balanced Classes] [Friendly Staff][Transmog Mall] [15Custom Bosses] Free Vip!!

World of Warcraft           

8. Scarlet WoW SL

88    29 

What we offer • Around 95% classes spells/talents working • All battlegrounds/arenas are working • Active GMs • No custom content (99% Blizzlike) • Tens of thousands working quests • Anticheat system •

World of Warcraft     

9. OneAion

43    19 

ONEAION PERFECT 4.6 SERVER 100% WORKING CAPACITY WITH INCREASE RATES IS NOW OPEN JOIN US ! Welcome to AionOne the unique perfect 4.6 server 100% working with Middles rates Exp, drop & Ap! Easy to Grind, easy to gear. Focus on the end game this server his for the fun or casual players!

Aion Online  

10. WarGodsWoW Classles

28    48 

[Classless System] [Transmogs from all Expansions] [ x10 EXP Rate ] [ VIP System ] [ Custom Zones] [Friendly and active Staff ] [ PvE & PvP Gear ] [ Custom Bosses ] [80000+ Custom Items] [Scripted Instance] [Custom Quests] [Working BG and Arena] [High Risk System] and much more.

World of Warcraft